Cheers!!! £4k in just 4 days


Everyone raise a glass…sparkling water obviously. We have raised £4,096.50 in just four days of fundraising in the first week of 2017. A big thank you to Zac Phillips who was the pledge tipping us into the £4K barrier with £500. Dad would certainly be raising a pint of Hook Norton at this point on a Friday afternoon.

I am truly thankful and blessed to know so many generous souls and hope that we can keep this momentum going to reach and smash through the £20,000 fundraising target for Cancer Research UK & Sobell House.

For those who are thinking about donating the trend has been to pledge from 10p up to a very generous £1.36 for every day I don’t drink in 2017. The amount will not be payable until January 2018 when all resolutions have been successfully achieved.

Click HERE to raise money for the fight against cancer.


#365daysonthewagon #66mileisleofwightultra #365zerosocialmedia

#cancerresearchuk #sobellhouse


One thought on “Cheers!!! £4k in just 4 days”

  1. I note all donations refer to 12 months with no booze, clearly we all think you will sail through a 66 mile run and its worth paying money to see you suffer sober’ism’…….

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