And a big THANK YOU goes to…



I continue to be amazed at how a personal challenge like this has evolved into a respectable fundraising campaign. Case and point is to have Sherlock Parties come on board as my first corporate sponsor. Thank you. Safe to say that the celebrations are sorted come January 2018!

With over 40 years combined experience, the team at Sherlock Parties knows how to make an event truly unforgettable. They specialise in all aspects of event management and party design. The team thrive on organising every detail from the initial concept to the end result.

They provide a personal service for both corporate and private clients to stimulate the eye, the palette and the imagination. Sherlock Parties’ professional and experienced event organisers provide the entire party service from intimate dinners to flamboyant extravaganzas, both in the UK and all around the world. No location is too far, nor any detail too small.

Given their expertise I have decided to organise a fundraising event at some point this year and am extremely excited to have Sherlock Parties on hand.

Tel: +44 (0)1488 647 695


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