I am beyond relieved to be able to say I have completed my first challenge of the year. It took a gruelling 21 hours and 21 minutes to complete and here is the proof, safe to say it was wasn’t fast or dainty!!!

IOW Data

I want to say a huge thank you for everyones support and an even bigger thank you to my wife, Susanna Hall, who has been the silent hero behind the scenes keeping everything moving whilst I have been running through fields most weekends.

I am now going to enjoy a few days of indulging my 12,000 calorie deficiency and a few days of rest before I start my training for Chase the Sun which is in only six weeks time. I pick up my new bike on the weekend and will start getting as many miles in as I can before the arse destroying 200 mile ride across England.

For those who have already contributed or pledged, thank you, and for anyone interested in keeping up my motivation you can contact me directly on email with a pledge to hall2017resolution@gmail.com or donate directly on my Virgin Money Giving page at Hall2017Donate



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