CTS – 50 Mile Training Ride


My training is now fully underway for the 200 Mile Chase The Sun bike ride on 16th June. Having not ridden a bike in 5 years I have now ticked off a 50 mile training run today, 36 miles the week before and 25 miles the week before last. It has literally been a pain in the arse and I massively underestimated the transition from running to cycling.


Today I clocked 50.44 miles in 3 hours 43 minutes and apparently burnt 3,000 calories. I averaged about 13.6 mph which will be my target average for the 200 miles and would put me on track for a 14 hour finishing time. Currently I feel like that is going to be highly unlikely given the pain is going to also be multiplied by 4.

I now have 75 mile & 100 mile training rides in the diary before the big day so I now need all the help I can get and if anyone is interested in keeping up my motivation you can donate directly on my Virgin Money Giving page at Hall2017Donate



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