Testing the limits

“You will never know your limits until you push yourself to them”

Last Sunday I set out on my final long training ride of 100 miles ahead of the 200 mile Chase the Sun bike ride. What started as a training ride turned into a real test of endurance which pushed me to my limits. One of my original intentions of the 2017 Hall Resolution campaign was to test my limits and I can safely say that in terms of my cycling ability, I have reached my limit of distance in the time I gave myself to train up for the Chase the Sun event. I rode 100.35 miles in 8 hours and 37 minutes with a total climb of nearly 4000 feet. I started training at the beginning of May and I am relatively happy in being able to complete 100 miles in only a month back in the saddle after 5 years of no cycling. I will not however be attempting the 200 mile Chase the Sun ride as there comes a point when I would rather admit my limitations and avoid injury.

I am therefore going to re work my events and instead of taking part in Chase the Sun this month and the Coast to Coast race in September I am going to train back up to complete the Thames Path Challenge on the 9th September. The Thames Path Challenge is a 100km ultra marathon following the river Thames. The full route begins at Bishop’s Park, next to Putney Bridge, and on through Kew and Richmond past the last non-tidal lock at Teddington. It passes the Royal palace of Hampton Court, beneath Windsor Castle and on through beautiful countryside to Henley.

I am going to enjoy a few weeks rest before gearing up for the final event of the year. I continue to stay on the band wagon and have now reached month 6 without touching a drop of alcohol. I have to admit that the benefits of no alcohol have far outweighed the moments of temptation.

For those who have already contributed or pledged, thank you, and for anyone interested you can donate directly on my Virgin Money Giving page at Hall2017Donate




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