An unfortunate change of pace.


Unfortunately my year of extreme has gone from one extreme to another. I have been ground to a halt by a fractured cuboid bone in my foot. I was unlucky enough to fall down a man hole in our garden whilst mowing due to a faulty cover which collapsed beneath me. You couldn’t even make it up and I am gutted to be taken down by something so ridiculous and completely out of my control.

The doctors have told me that the recovery period will be around 3-5 months and to stand down from any more sporting events this year. Safe to say my running partner is very disappointed…


I very much appreciate all the support people have given this challenge. Its not over yet and I still have 5 months to go for my no booze for 2017 commitment.

I am going to be planning another ultra event as soon as I am fully recovered.

For those who have already contributed or pledged, thank you, and for anyone who would like to support the final 5 months on the wagon you can donate directly on my Virgin Money Giving page at Hall2017Donate




CTS – 50 Mile Training Ride


My training is now fully underway for the 200 Mile Chase The Sun bike ride on 16th June. Having not ridden a bike in 5 years I have now ticked off a 50 mile training run today, 36 miles the week before and 25 miles the week before last. It has literally been a pain in the arse and I massively underestimated the transition from running to cycling.


Today I clocked 50.44 miles in 3 hours 43 minutes and apparently burnt 3,000 calories. I averaged about 13.6 mph which will be my target average for the 200 miles and would put me on track for a 14 hour finishing time. Currently I feel like that is going to be highly unlikely given the pain is going to also be multiplied by 4.

I now have 75 mile & 100 mile training rides in the diary before the big day so I now need all the help I can get and if anyone is interested in keeping up my motivation you can donate directly on my Virgin Money Giving page at Hall2017Donate


£8,000 barrier broken thanks to Lalani & Co


I am super excited to announce that Lalani & Co have agreed to support 2017 Hall Resolution.

Lalani & Co are the specialists in fine single-batch tea. Their seasonal collection holds some of the most flavour-expressive teas in the world. Each one has a flavour created by its provenance; the producer, region, season of picking and style of making.

Single-batch tea is a craft drink like a single-cask whisky or vintage wine. Lalani obtain these teas from family-owned gardens and treat them with care, ageing some of them, designing tea lists and tea pairing menus for restaurants and supplying to discerning tea drinkers across the world.

Lalani & Co have very generously agreed to sponsor £500 along with a supply of fine tea for the rest of the year which offers me the perfect solution to a year without alcohol. I will be transformed from amateur tea drinker into tea connoisseur.

I look forward to keeping everyone updated about my journey in tea exploration with Jameel Lalani & the team at Lalani & Co.




Going the distance…

It was great to finally have some human company this weekend for the longest run of the year so far (no offence Kip). Katie Neale and myself schlepped out for 16 miles on Saturday followed by a 4 mile trek on Sunday (to the pub and back).

The 16 miles was a gruelling 4 hours zigzagging over the chiltern hills with the highest point reached clocking 740 feet.

I am now staring down the barrels of a 32 mile training run on Saturday which will be the longest training run before the Isle of Wight Challenge next month. Thankfully, George Lewis will be joining me for what will be about 7 hours of running/trekking. The most worrying part about this is that I called Kip’s vet to ask whether he would be okay for the 33 mile ultra distance. The answer was that it is not recommended for a dog so sadly Kip will be dropped back at home at mile 16 but this does beg the question of whether I am ready? The answer to this will be revealed on Monday next week.

It would be a huge motivator to have any donations large or small to help fuel me through 33 miles. If you are feeling generous please contact me directly on email with a pledge to or donate directly on my Virgin Money Giving page at Hall2017Donate


New Event added: Chase the Sun



I have decided to add an ultra distance cycling event to my year of endurance. Chase The Sun is a cycle challenge held on the longest day of the year, starting at sunset and finishing at sunrise riding coast to coast from the Isle of Sheppey in Kent to Burnham on Sea in Somerset. The distance will be over 300km and by poignant coincidence I will be crossing the finish line on the eve of Father’s Day

Now to try and find a bike…



One Month Down, Eleven to go & One more Challenge!

Dryanuary is over and I have now been on the bandwagon for 37 days and counting. So far so good, although as everyone likes to tell me January is the easy month so now, as everyone’s wheels start to fall off, the real test of abstinense begins.

In just one month we have raised a total of £7,019.05. I have no other way of describing this other than AMAZING, so thank you to all those who have donated or made a pledge.

I have also decided to add another event to make things a bit more challenging.   I am entering the Rat Race Coast to Coast Challenge in September 2017. I will be Running, Riding and Kayaking 105 miles across the Scottish Highlands.

Here are some stats on the race:


This is going to be a challenge given I am no cyclist (I don’t even have a bike) and in my 33 years I have not kayaked more than a mile.

And in case anyone has forgotten I am doing all of this, in memory of my father, to raise money for Sobell House Hospice Charity, an Oxford based palliative care hospice who looked after him so well and Cancer Research UK, a cancer research and awareness charity in the UK.

We have still got some way to get to the £20,000 target so please make a pledge (payable in January 2018 subject to successful completion) by email to


donate now HERE.