Day 4 out of 365

So far so good…although the general feedback has been that it will be impossible for me not to have a drop of alcohol for 12 months.

In response to these naysayers I say put your money where you mouth is and in the end it will all be to the benefit of two amazing charities; Sobell House & Cancer Research UK.

So a big thank you to Arron Smyth, my second pledge of the year, who has committed 50p for every day I stay on the bandwagon up to £182.50.

Thanks mate.


My first pledge…

A big thank you to James Nettleton who has kicked things off by making my first pledge of the year. If everyone was to follow suit we will raise a fortune for the fight against cancer.

He has pledged £1 for everyday that I don’t drink up to £365.

A very generous pledge.

Thank you!